TESTIMONIALS / What Your New Neighbors Are Saying 

Of course, our current residents are our best ambassadors, and they are always eager to share their stories about why they enjoy living here. Please take a moment to listen to their testimonials about why they think Saint Francis is so unique and special.



“I enjoy my independence here. My lifestyle is exactly the same as it was before I moved here—my normal day-to-day routine has not changed. I have my car here so I can go anywhere I want, and I can do whatever I want whenever I want.” 

— Resident since 2017



“I feel very comfortable going to bed at night in Sacramento knowing that my Mom is living at Saint Francis and that all the great people who work there are taking very good care of her. I always enjoy my stay there when I come to visit her. In fact, if I wasn’t living in California, I would be happy to move there myself!” 

— His mother has been resident since 2016



“I worked in the kitchen at Saint Francis for 25 years and decided to become a resident when I retired. I have been part of the Saint Francis family over 50 years now and am very happy here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

— Resident since 1968



“My father lived at Saint Francis 20 years ago. This is a wonderful place, and I love living here just as much as my father did. I enjoy living in a community with people in my own age group. We all share common experiences and interests no matter where we grew up, and it’s great to be able to connect with people who understand and care about you. I felt rejuvenated after moving here!”

— Resident since 2016



 “I initially became familiar with Saint Francis in 2005 when I started coming here to enjoy a “weekend getaway” on a regular basis. After many years of being a weekend guest, I decided to move in as a full-time resident. I feel very secure here and value the friendships I’ve made. I enjoy all the activities—especially all the games. The food is excellent and the service is wonderful. I think Saint Francis is a great place to live!” 

— Resident since 2014



“My mother lived at Saint Francis for a number of years, and we had much peace of mind while she was there. I have always been impressed by the beauty of the building and the feeling of warmth and hominess. My family and I still go there on a regular basis to visit residents and staff even though my Mom passed away in 2016. These people will be my friends for the rest of my life, and I consider them to be part of our family.”

— Mother was former resident



 “St. Francis is a home I will always treasure. The food is absolutely wonderful, and there are great celebrations on holidays. I love giving tours here and showing people what makes St. Francis so special.”  

— Resident since 2010



“The atmosphere is very “homey” here. When my son and daughter come to visit me, they can stay here at Saint Francis instead of a hotel, which enables us to spend more time together. It takes pressure off my children to know that I am safe and that I am happy living here. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.” 

— Resident since 2016


Ruth Ann & Joe

”We love that food is served on the premises and have enjoyed many meals there ourselves. We have also had a number of parties there too. My husband loves the peace of mind that I have knowing that my mother is surrounded by good people and has wonderful friends to talk to. The staff is fabulous. Saint Francis has been a godsend in our lives.”

— Mother has been resident since 2016