Saint Francis Residential Community Price Comparison Worksheet

Most people believe they can save money by staying in their house. Most likely, your expenses are higher than you think. Take a look and compare your current household expenses with the cost of residing at Saint Francis Residential Community.

Average Monthly Expenses

Your Home


Saint Francis Residential Community


Mortgage or Rent (Monthly Fee at Saint Francis)



Property Taxes



Utilities: gas, electric, trash pickup, heat and A/C, water, sewer






Home maintenance (take typical annual costs for electrical repair, plumbing, roof repair, sidewalk repair, and divide by 12)



Cable TV/Phone



Yard maintenance (take typical annual costs for lawn care, leaf and snow removal, and divide by 12)



Security costs including alarm system and monthly alarm service fee






Local transportation including car ownership if applicable, taxi, and bus costs


Included ***

Monthly Totals



*     Food included in room rentals
**   There is a $45 per month charge for basic cable in both the rooms and the apartments
*** Includes doctor appointment transportation within 10 mile radius and downtown Denville shopping

Downloadable Price Comparison Worksheet

Saint Francis Residential Community
122 Diamond Spring Road
Denville, NJ 07834