Private Room Rentals at Saint Francis

Private rooms at Saint Francis are available for short- or long-term stays.  Various room sizes are available.  Each room has a private bathroom with walk-in shower.  Meals  & housekeeping services are included in the monthly rental fees.  Rooms are available on a month to month basis with no community entry fee required.  All residents are encouraged to come for a beneficial 2 week trial stay.   

24-hour security is provided as it would be at a fine hotel, and an intercom system connects each room directly to the lobby front desk.

All the services and amenities that are "only at Saint Francis" are available to room residents.  They include:  Medication management,  transportation services, scheduled activities.

Private Room Rate Schedule 
January 1, 2018 

Short Term Visits Daily Rates Type of Room
$150 ... Private Room with bath or shower
$230 ... Double Occupancy Large Room

Short-term stays are from one to 90 days.  Price includes meals.

During short term stays, optional medication assistance is available.

Long Term Residence Monthly Rates  Type of Room
 $2900  Small Private Room
 $3300  Large Private Room
 Starting at $3400 to $4000  Private Suite

For double occupancy, add $1200 more per month.

All rates include furnished rooms, three meals per day, maid service, towels and linens, transportation and a complete range of social activities.  Personal laundry services and medication monitoring are available at an optional affordable fee.

All rates are subject to revision.