Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between an apartment and a room at Saint Francis?

Room residents take their meals in the dining room and the cost of three meals a day, as well as housekeeping and linens, is included in the daily or monthly rate. Apartment residents prepare their own meals in their apartments, although they may enjoy any meal in the dining room at extra cost. Beyond this difference, the services and amenities that you'll find only at Saint Francis are available to all, which explains much of the rich sense of community that you'll join here.

Is Saint Francis "assisted living" or "independent living"?

Not everyone uses these phrases in the same way. Saint Francis fits some definitions of "assisted living" in that meals, housekeeping, medication assistance and laundry services are available. Saint Francis meets many definitions of "independent living" in that it is a community of people all of "senior citizen" ages, who do not need to cope with burdens of home ownership and who live with like-minded neighbors who share their interests.

Is Saint Francis affordable to me?

To answer this question, be sure you are accounting for all the expenses of your current residence. We encourage you to print out and complete our Saint Francis Residential Community Price Comparison Worksheet.

What are the arrangements for health care at Saint Francis?

Medication assistance is available on a daily basis. Podiatry services are available on site, monthly. Saint Clare's Hospital is less than a mile away. You are welcome to arrange Visiting nursing services and bath services privately for your needs at Saint Francis.

May I take a "test drive"?

You are welcome to arrange to come to Saint Francis for a short stay to experience the atmosphere, taste the gourmet meals, and enjoy the varied activities first hand. There is no long-term obligation after such a stay.

Do I have to be Roman Catholic?

Saint Francis is a faith-based organization sponsored by the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, welcoming residents of all faiths.

What about the family visits and holidays I used to host at home?

We consider your family to be part of the Saint Francis community, and they are always welcome to join you. You may make reservations for family-members to join you for any meal and several separate dining areas can be reserved for family gatherings.

How many residents are there at Saint Francis?

The community at Saint Francis is about one hundred people.

When should I begin to plan for Saint Francis?

Right away. Some of our living arrangements may have waiting lists, and no matter what your situation it is never too soon to visit or schedule a short stay. Please contact us at 973-627-5000 (1-866-420-4178 toll-free) for more information or to schedule a tour with a complimentary lunch.