What’s the difference between an apartment and a private room at Saint Francis?
For Private Room residents the cost of three meals a day served in our dining room, as well as housekeeping and linens, is included in the daily or monthly rate. Apartment residents prepare their own meals in their apartments; however, they are always welcome to join us for any meal in the dining room at an extra cost. Beyond this difference, the services and amenities that you’ll find only at Saint Francis are available to all residents.

Is Saint Francis “assisted living” or “independent living”?
We are an independent living residential community for seniors who want to free themselves of the burden of home ownership and enjoy living with neighbors who are in their same age group and share their interests. A number of services to support your independent lifestyle are also available for a small fee such as meals, housekeeping, medication assistance and laundry services.

What does it cost to live at Saint Francis?
Please visit our Living Options page to learn about the fees for both apartments and private rooms. We encourage you to print out and complete our Saint Francis Residential Community Price Comparison Worksheet to help you compare the cost of your current living expenses vs. the cost to live at Saint Francis.

What healthcare services are available?
Our Wellness Center offers a variety of healthcare services. Medication assistance is available on a daily basis, and podiatry services are available on site on a monthly basis. A nurse is on site twice each week to check blood pressure and answer health-related questions. Our staff can also assist you with scheduling doctor appointments. We are also conveniently located less than a mile away from Saint Claire’s Hospital.

I still drive, can I bring my car?
Yes, absolutely. We have ample free parking space –and we’ll even clean your car off for you when it snows.

May I take a “test drive”?
Yes you can! We encourage you to arrange for a short stay at Saint Francis to experience the warm family-oriented atmosphere, taste the gourmet meals, and enjoy the variety of activities first hand. There is no obligation to live here on a long-term basis after a short term visit.

Is Saint Francis Non-Denominational?
Yes we are. Saint Francis is a welcoming community for people of all faiths and backgrounds.

What about family visits and holidays I always host at my current home?
We consider your family to be part of the Saint Francis community, and they are always welcome to visit you. You may make reservations for family members to join you for any meal and several separate dining areas can be reserved for family gatherings.

How many residents are there at Saint Francis?
Our Saint Francis family includes approximately 100 residents.

When should I begin to plan my move to Saint Francis?
We recommend that you start the planning process soon because some of our living options may have waiting lists. Of course, it is never too soon to visit or schedule a short stay. Please contact us at 973-627-5000 (1-866-420-4178 toll-free) for more information or to schedule a tour.